Here are short descriptions of a number of projects directly related to NARCliM.


The CliMDDIR (Climate Model Downscaling Data for Impacts Research) project is contributing to making output from the NARCliM simulations available to climate change impacts researchers. This 1-year project is creating a web portal that will allow researchers to extract data relevant to their work from the NARCliM dataset and transform it into a data format that they find convenient to use. The project is being undertaken by the Australian Research Council's Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science with funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

NARCliM - Statistical

As well as producing an ensemble of dynamically downscaled regional climate projections in NARCliM, NARCliM-Statistical will produce an ensemble of statistically downscaled projections in collaboration with Prof. Ashish Sharma. The statistical technique will also be used to further downscale the regional climate model projections to station locations

NARCliM - Sydney

In collaboration with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and to support the Sydney Adaptation Strategy, an experimental very high resolution (2km) climate projection is being performed. These simulations are being assessed for their ability to reproduce the local climate and to inform climate change impact studies.


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