Terrestrial processes

CCRC undertakes a major program in the parameterisation of terrestrial processes in regional and global climate models. The terrestrial system includes surface hydrology, river flow, soil processes, vegetation processes and snow.

Major challenges yet to be addressed include ground water and permafrost. Our interests include the improvement of existing models by enhancing the representation of biophysical processes. This is achieved using surface observations where possible. New observing systems, especially satellite based sensors, are also used to monitor various aspects of the terrestrial system and to both inform and evaluate our models.

We also explore the impact of terrestrial processes on the simulation of weather and climate. This is not merely the mean climate, we are interested in extremes and predictability. We are also interested in how changes in the nature of the land surface may affect regional and global climate. Issues relating to non-linear responses driven by surface processes on future climate - such as loss of terrestrial carbon due to global warming - are emerging priorities.

CCRC academic staff currently active in this area of research

CCRC research staff currently active in this area of research