Professor John Church

In 2019, Prof John Church became  the first Australian to win the prestigious BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Climate Change for his work projecting and interpreting the threat of global warming on accelerating increases in sea levels. Prof Church has generously donated his share of the €400,000 award money to the Climate Change Research Centre. Thanks to Prof Church’s remarkable donation, the CCRC has established annual Summer Scholarships and Honours projects. Funds will also be used to invite experts to present workshops at our Centre from this endowed fund. 

Summer Project Recipients
2020 Alex Beza
2021 Hannah Beaton
2021 Jayden Maisel
Honours Project Recipients


Invited Workshop Experts


The world’s top sea level expert, Professor John Church is  recognised for narrowing  the causes of rising seas, linking satellite observations with in-situ measurements and numerical modelling to identify the human impact on sea level changes and discovering that the rate of increase is accelerating over time.


Future Contributions

The CCRC is keen to encourage further contributions to the Endowed Fund to support the long term future of climate change research. Potential contributors should contact CCRC at to discuss possibilities.