Climate model evaluation

Climate models form the basis of future climate projections. They embody what we know about how the Earth system works.

A critical component of building trust in climate models is testing them against observations of past climate - model evaluation.

CCRC researchers are actively involved in both the collation and synthesis of observational data for model evaluation and the development of model evaluation techniques that help us understand in which circumstances model results are meaningful. This includes:

  • assessing models' ability to reproduce extreme event statistics;
  • assessing the realism of key atmosphere and ocean model processes and their impacts on simulated climate changes
  • assessing models ability to reproduce observed atmospheric teleconnections, ocean circulation and climate dynamics
  • assessing and accounting for model dependence with ensemble-based projections;
  • assessing the added value of of modelling with higher spatial and temporal resolutions
  • understanding model sensitivities to land use representation and its effect on local and regional climates;
  • international standardisation of model evaluation and benchmarking within the land surface modelling community;

CCRC academic staff currently active in this area of research

CCRC research staff currently active in this area of research