Climate impacts

Climate impacts

This research is focused on the physical changes caused by a changing climate that present diverse risks and hazards for ecosystems and society. The CCRC uses its expertise in climate modelling and climate extremes - in addition to leveraging expertise across epidemiology, risk management, water and food security - to undertake this multidisciplinary research.

Health impacts

The CCRC undertakes research that connects our changing climate to human health impacts. Specifically, we have research projects that integrate weather and climate research with urban systems, urban heat islands, air pollution, socio-economic disadvantage, emergency management responses to heat extremes and public health heat indices.

Indigenous knowledge and impacts

Many Indigenous communities in remote areas of Australia show features of social and economic disadvantage due to inadequate infrastructure, health services and employment. Existing social disadvantage reduces coping ability and may restrict adaptive capacity, affecting these communities' resilience to climate hazards. Many of these communities strongly connect the health of their ‘Country' to their cultural, mental and physical well-being.

There is recent recognition of the untapped resource of Indigenous knowledge about past climate change, which could be used to inform adaptation options. However, the oral tradition of recording this knowledge has, until recently, largely hindered non-Indigenous scientists from using this expertise to inform their science. The CCRC works with Indigenous communities to incorporate their knowledge of past climate changes and to consider particular impacts of climate change on them.

Agricultural impacts

Future changes in temperature and rainfall, as well as increases in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, have the potential to influence the growth of many important crops in complex ways. The CCRC supports work done by the NSW Department of Primary Industries in modelling these effects.

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