CCRC research focuses on the nature of climate states in the past, present, and future.

Using coupled climate models in combination with observations data, CCRC is investigating the factors that influence global and regional climate variability on time-scales of days, seasons and centuries.

This work encompasses many diverse aspects of the physical climate system.  A few focus areas are:

  • The extratropical and high latitude climate system, including coupled modes of ocean-land-atmosphere variability in the southern hemisphere
  • The El Nino - Southern Oscillation and related phenomena in the Tropics, and their impacts on regional climate
  • Temperature and rainfall variability and extremes, and how these are affected by land processes on regional scales
  • Atmospheric dynamics on scales from kilometres to global and its interactions with tropical convection, clouds, the land and the oceans
  • Modelling of climates in Earth's geologic past and their lessons for today
  • The present and future impact of global warming and carbon dioxide/ocean acidification on life in the oceans and on land.

This list is not exhaustive and new topics are always emerging, so please consult the web pages of CCRC staff for more information!

CCRC academic and research staff currently active in this area of research