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24 November 2020

Recently, the world has seen a string of record-breaking marine heatwaves that caused massive ecological damage and knock-on affects to important regional industries.

31 July 2020

New Editor Announcement: The Financial Review

5 August 2019

New opportunities for undergraduate students to work at the Climate Change Research Centre through a Summer Research Scholarship.

Further information can be found below:

2 July 2019

The world’s top sea level expert, CCRC Professor John Church, has become the first Australian to win the BBVA...

11 June 2019

Expressions of Interest are now open for the 2020 round of prestigious Scientia PhD Scholarships.

6 June 2019

Scientia Fellow Dr Laurie Menviel has been honoured by The Australian Academy of Science for her research on the impact of ocean currents on the global climate.

9 May 2019

A Shorten Labor Government will commit $15 million to establish the National Health and Climate Centre at UNSW Sydney, co-ordinating research and responses to the impact of climate change on the health of Australians.

16 August 2018

Carbonator is a simple climate model. Unlike a full climate model that can tell us how climate variables evolve at different locations it can only tell us how a subset of variables change on a global scale (e.g.

2 July 2018

Laurie Menviel's work at the CCRC regarding the role of the Southern Hemisphere's westerlies on changes in the atmospheric CO2 during the last deglaciation has been recently published in Nature Communications.


2 July 2018

Katrin Meissner's work at the CCRC regarding the assessment of the model's predictive power using historical data is mentioned in a recent Nature article on nature index.