Michael Molitor - CLIMATE FINANCE: Show me the Science [and my new career]!

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5 May 2021
2.00pm - 3.00pm

Climate Change Research Centre, Seminar Room, Mathews Building 4th floor, UNSW, Sydney

Dr. Michael Molitor
Chairman, Uniti Sweden AB
Climate Change Research Centre

Many of the world's largest Central Banks have formally acknowledged climate change as the biggest source of systemic risk facing capital markets in their history.  Some estimates suggest the total unpriced climate risks sitting across capital markets to be more than US$50 trillion. This has kicked off a massive attempt to identify and price these risks and, already, investors are selling shares and bonds of companies they believe have massive exposure to climate risks.  To date, none of these 'climate finance' activities have made any attempts to incorporate physical climate science into their investment/divestment frameworks.  This is about to change and the result is a whole new career path for climate scientists.

Brief Biography: Michael left the Climate Research Divsion at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography to join the Climate Change team at BP in London in 1998 and never returned to full time academia. He went on to become the Global Leader of Climate Change Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers [PwC] and subsequently the Senior Advisor on Climate Change at McKinsey & Co. He is currently the Chairman of Uniti Sweden AB, a Swedish company designing and building small electric vehicles for urban use, and the Co-founder of Emmi.io, an Australian company generating investment quality carbon ratings for listed companies. Michael completed his PhD at Cambridge University and a 3 year post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard.