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Yi Huang - Towards an Understanding of Clouds and Precipitation over the Southern Ocean: Challenges and Advances
14 May 2021 | Seminar

Weather and climate models continue to be challenged by uncertainties and biases in simulating Southern Ocean (SO) radiative fluxes that trace back to a poor understanding of cloud, aerosol,...

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Christian Siderius - Climate variability impacts water-energy-food infrastructure performance in Eastern Africa
19 May 2021 | Seminar

The need to assess major infrastructure performance under a changing climate is widely recognised yet rarely practised, particularly in rapidly growing African economies.

Benjamin Smith - Land-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks using regional and global Earth system modelling
26 May 2021 | Seminar

Abstract: The vegetated land surface and the ecosystems it hosts are an integral component of the climate system, affecting the energy balance of the atmosphere through...

Ben Newell - From “Why should I bother?” to “Yes, we can!”: Risk, willingness, and cooperation in action on climate change
2 June 2021 | Seminar

A complete policy response to climate change, habitat destruction, plastic pollution, and other Anthropocene challenges requires action by governments, industries, nongovernmental organizations,...