Dr Vishal Dixit
Former Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Field of Research: 
Atmospheric Sciences
Contact details:


I am interested in the tropical climate dynamics. Especially, I have explored the dynamics of the tropical rain-bands, i.e. the ITCZ and monsoons, in different climates. During my PhD, I investigated the role of various thermodynamic and dynamic processes in deciding the mean location, the vertical structure and the energy exports associated with the Inter-tropical convergence zone (ITCZ) using an idealized modeling hierarchy.

Now as a postdoc, I am exploring the role of convection-clouds-circulation coupling in the simulation of climate enigmas, such as mid-Holocene greening of the Sahara desert, the changes in the width of the ITCZ, mysterious mid-level clouds over Sahara desert and Anomalous hydrological changes. These research interests are closely aligned with the WCRP's grand challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity. 

I am also interested in developing simple models and new modeling hierarchies to understand the processes that conspire to for the earth's past and present climate.


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