Dr Maxime Colin
Former PhD Student
Field of Research: 
Atmosphere and Convection
Contact details:
9385 9766

Thesis Title: Convective memory, and the role of cold pools.

Supervisors: Steven Sherwood, Sandrine Bony, Jason Evans

    ⁃    I did a Bachelor in Physics at Ecole Normale Superieure d'Ulm (ENS Ulm), Paris, France, and University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7), Paris, France.
    ⁃    Then I did a Masters in Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate sciences at Ecole Normale Superieure d'Ulm (ENS Ulm), Paris, France, and University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris 6), Paris, France.
    ⁃    During my Masters studies, I have worked on two research projects.
    •    For the first one, I conducted Lagrangian trajectory analysis in convective clouds so as to investigate composition and modifications of cloudy air by entrainment, detrainment, and dilution.
    •    As for the second one, I carried out a study of radiative heating rates and cloud radiative forcing, at the tropical tropopause layer, using reanalyses data.
    ⁃    I started my PhD at UNSW in 2014. It is about tropical deep convection in the atmosphere, and convective clouds. Using numerical simulations by cloud-resolving models, this PhD project aims at investigating and testing new key parameters that may help parameterizations of deep convection take into account memory/organisation effects during the growth of tropical cumulus clouds, tackling some of the biggest issues of parameterized convection in climate models.
    ⁃    To make it simple, I want to assess how important MEMORY is during cloud growth. And if memory is as important as we think, what the best parameter is to capture all these effects in a simple way!
    ⁃    What's our atmosphere's memory? Why does it keep its organisation?