Dr Maxime Colin
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Field of Research: 
Tropical convection
Contact details:

Maxime is a Post-doctoral Research Associate working with Professor Steven Sherwood. He is a physicist interested in many aspects of climate and weather science, in particular deep convection, clouds, the Madden-Julian Oscillation, ocean-atmosphere interactions, geophysical fluid dynamics, etc...

His current project aims at testing and comparing various convective schemes in a Single-Column framework, in particular for their ability to capture convective memory. The objective is to identify to what extent the behaviour of convection is determined by the thermodynamic large-scale state variables, and to what extent it is dependent on some other predictor (i.e. a memory variable). Down the track, this should help build more accurate weather forecasts and climate projections.

He completed a cotutelle joint PhD between the University of New South Wales (Climate Change Research Centre) and Sorbonne University (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, Paris, France), where he studied convective memory and in particular the role of cold pools in memory.