Dr Martin Jucker
Field of Research: 
Atmospheric Dynamics
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Martin comes from a background of idealised global climate modelling. While at Princeton and New York University, he has done extensive studies of the dynamical coupling between the troposphere and the stratosphere, and in particular the effects of the strength of the polar night jet on Sudden Stratospheric Warmings and surface weather. He is also interested in the dynamical contributors to the mean and variability of the tropical cold point, which is paramount to setting the radiative properties of the stratosphere.

He is author of the Model of an idealized Moist Atmosphere (MiMA), an intermediate-complexity Global Circulation Model, and the python visualisation package pv_atmos.

Martin concentrates on tropical convection. To this end he now uses much more detailed, cloud permitting models to investigate the dynamics involved in the convection over the Maritime Continent.Continent. For more information visit Martin's personal website at www.martinjucker.com.