Associate Professor Laurie Menviel
ARC Future Fellow | UNSW Scientia Fellow
Field of Research: 
Impact of changes in oceanic circulation on climate and the carbon cycle, with a particular focus on Southern Ocean dynamics.
Contact details:

A/Prof Laurie Menviel completed her PhD in the Department of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii in December 2008 under the supervision of A. Timmermann. After a post-doctoral position at the IPRC, University of Hawaii (USA) and in the Dpt of Environmental Physics of the University of Bern (Switzerland), A/Prof Menviel joined the CCRC at UNSW in 2012 and in 2014 she obtained an ARC DECRA fellowship. She is now an ARC Future Fellow, and a UNSW Scientia Fellow in the Climate Change Research Centre of the University of New South Wales. A/Prof Menviel combines modeling experiments with existing paleoproxies to better constrain past changes in the climate and the carbon cycle.
She is particularly interested in the impact of abrupt changes in ocean circulation on the climate and global carbon cycle. She also studies marine carbon cycle variations over glacial/interglacial timescales.