Associate Professor Alex Sen Gupta
Associate Professor
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+61 2 9385 8951

Alex's research revolves around the role of the ocean in the climate system, how the ocean influences regional climate, the influence of ocean change on biological systems and what global climate models tell us about the future of the ocean. Recently I have looking at the drivers, predictability and impacts of marine heatwaves. I have also been using climate models to understand changes to the Tropical Pacific and Southern Oceans in a warming world. 
Some of my projects include:

  • What drives the most extreme marine heatwaves? How have these events changes in the past and how are they likely to change in the future?
  • How will tropical ocean circulation change in the future? How will this affect the transport of nutrients to the equator?
  • What is the reason for important atmospheric circulation features over the Southern Ocean?
  • Can we improve future predictions using coupled regional climate models? 
  • How increasing ocean temperatures could cause abrupt and erratic migration of marine species
  • What causes the warming Hiatus?
  • How will Global Warming affect Tropical Fisheries and Coral Reefs?
  • How are the effect of ENSO propagated around the world?
  • How did the Montreal Protocol affect Global Warming? 

Alex has driven the development of an online climate model for schools and general public use. To give it a try go to