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30 June 2017

Up to two prestigious Scientia PhD scholarships are available at the Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, for the following project:


23 June 2017
The official ICP13 website is now live. Please mark the date and keep an eye on it during the coming months as more information will be added over time....
23 June 2017

A new PhD top-up scholarship (up to 10k p.a.) has been advertised for candidates successful in gaining an Australian government Research Training Program (RTP) or International equivalent PhD scholarship.

2 June 2017

Today the CCRC hosted in the seminar room another GERL session on 'work and kids'. This was an informal discussion (with tasty treats!) for anyone who has kids, is about to have kids, is thinking of having kids or feels like a kid themselves!

23 May 2017

14 postdoc positions have been advertised for the new Centre of Excellence (CoE). These positions are located around the country at the various nodes of the CoE (including our very own CCRC).

18 May 2017

Professor Matthew England features in a nice Gauardian article that is a retrospective of sorts - and a cautionary tale for the scientific community - on the climate hiatus that never was and how the scientific community responded to it.

26 April 2017

Recently the CCRC voted on t-shirt designs (from our very creative staff and students) and we are pleased to announce that the following two designs won out.

24 April 2017

The CCRC made itself present at the March for science on Saturday in the city. An amazing day with a most important cause AND with our own Dr. Angela Maharaj as a speaker at the event. 

Two of the CCRC's climate change experts exchanging thoughts in one of the CLIM1001 online videos.
21 April 2017

The CCRC has revamped it's CLIM1001 course into an online offering!

17 April 2017

We recently took a group photo of the CCRC. While not all of us are in this, it's certainly the most recent photo we have and given it was taken late on a Friday afternoon it really shows how dedicated we are to our science!