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Allison Wing - The role of radiative-convective feedbacks in tropical cyclone formation in numerical simulations
8 March 2018 | Seminar

Interactions between convection, moisture, clouds, and radiation can cause tropical convection to “self-aggregate" in idealized numerical simulations.

Florentin Lemonnier - Remote sensing observations and climate modeling of snowfall in Antarctica.
7 March 2018 | Seminar

The Antarctic continent is a vast desert, the coldest and the most unknown area on Earth and contains its largest fresh water...

Robert Pincus - What can (and can’t) the past tell us about the future?
6 March 2018 | Seminar

Changes in the composition of the atmosphere cause changes to the planetary radiation budget to which the Earth responds by changing its temperature; changes in temperature may...

Kaitlin Naughten - Modelling Antarctic ice shelf, ocean, and sea ice interactions under present-day and future climate scenarios
1 March 2018 | Seminar

Sea level rise is perhaps one of the most troubling implications of climate change, and a key determinant of the magnitude and rate of future sea level rise will be interactions between Antarctic...

Simone Fatichi - Variability in annual precipitation and ecohydrological responses
28 February 2018 | Seminar

Variability in annual precipitation can affect the hydrological cycle and vegetation productivity.

Siwon Song - Convective-environment interaction explored by linear response matrix
21 February 2018 | Seminar

Significant modes of convection-environment interaction are explored by linear response matrices, which link inputs (...

Impact of Atmospheric Blocking on Extremes in South America and the South Atlantic
14 February 2018 | Seminar

Atmospheric blocking over east subtropical South America (SSA) in austral summer can prevent the establishment of the South Atlantic Convergence Zone (SACZ).

Ryo Furue - Impacts of sea-surface salinity in an eddy-resolving semi-global OGCM
31 January 2018 | Seminar

To explore the impacts of sea-surface salinity (SSS) on the interannual variability of upper-ocean state, we compare two 10-year runs of an eddy-resolving ocean general circulation...

Nicola Maher - ENSO change in climate projections: forced response or internal variability?
30 January 2018 | Seminar

There is little consensus in the literature as to how the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) may change under future greenhouse gas warming, with climate models showing a large...

Edward Doddridge - The Southern Ocean response to strengthening westerly winds
11 December 2017 | Seminar

During the 20th century we observed a poleward shift and an increase in strength of the westerly winds over the Southern Ocean, which can be largely attributed to stratospheric...