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Annette Hirsch - Investigating the mitigation potential of land management
11 July 2018 | Seminar

In this talk I will present some of the research highlights from my postdoc in the Land-Climate Dynamics at the IACETH Zurich.

Alejandro Di Luca - Statistical and physical sources of future changes in hot extremes
20 June 2018 | Seminar

Quantifying and understanding future changes in hot extremes has received substantial attention in the last few decades.

Sophie lewis - Understanding Australia’s future temperature extremes
13 June 2018 | Seminar

In recent years, Australia has experienced unprecedented heat, including heatwaves and record-breaking hot days, months, seasons and years.

Helen Fricker - Understanding causes of changes in Antarctica’s ice shelves using 25 years of continuous satellite radar altimetry
12 June 2018 | Seminar

Antarctic ice loss is accelerating and will soon become the largest contributor to sea-level rise.

Melissa Hart - Women in STEM leadership- lessons from Antarctica
23 May 2018 | Seminar

Homeward Bound is a Women in STEM (science, technology,...

Axel Timmermann - Climate-induced migration of early Homo Sapiens
16 May 2018 | Seminar

Our climate system varies on a wide range of timescales, from seasons to several millions of years.

Eithne Tynan - An insider’s view of Nature journals
9 May 2018 | Seminar

In this talk, I will explain the editorial process in Nature journals -- what we look for in a submitted manuscript, how we make decisions, how we choose reviewers -- and the added...

Stephen Griffies - Understanding and projecting global and regional sea level: Reasons to include coastal ocean processes in global climate models
2 May 2018 | Seminar

In this presentation the speaker will survey elements of sea level change, both at the large scale and within the coastal zone.

Quantification of African monsoon intensity during the last interglacial sapropel S5
3 April 2018 | Seminar

The Mediterranean has great potential for reconstructing past climate.

Elisabeth Sikes - Enhanced δ13C and δ18O differences between the South Atlantic and South Pacific since the last glaciation gives us clues on how the ocean exhaled: The deep gateway hypothesis
21 March 2018 | Seminar

Enhanced vertical gradients in benthic foraminiferal δ13C and δ18O in the Atlantic and Pacific during the last glaciation have revealed that ocean overturning circulation was characterized by...