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Alastair Williams Seminar - "Atmospheric research studies at ANSTO using Radon-222"
29 March 2017 | Seminar

ANSTO’s atmospheric radioactivity group conducts experimental atmospheric research using 222Rn (radon), a naturally-occurring radioactive trace gas of terrestrial origin.

Ali Mashayek Seminar - "Overturning the circulation of the ocean"
5 April 2017 | Seminar

It has been an open question whether turbulent vertical mixing across density surfaces is sufficiently large to play a dominant role in closing the deep branch of...

Swen Jullien Seminar - "Ocean response and feedback to tropical cyclones"
13 April 2017 | Seminar

Tropical cyclones (TCs) are the most powerful phenomena of the tropical atmosphere, and are popularly known for their destructiveness on coastal areas and populations.