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Esteban Abellán
Esteban Abellán Seminar - Meridional movement of Pacific winds and their role in ENSO event onset and termination
23 August 2017 | Seminar

During the mature phase of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events, near the end of the calendar year, there is a southward shift of the zonal wind anomalies, which are centred around the...

Tri Wahyu Hadi - Annual and Semi-annual Cycles of Low-level Moisture Convergence and Rainfall in the Maritime Continent
24 August 2017 | Seminar

Monsoon characteristics in the Maritime Continent have been mainly studied in terms of rainfall pattern, leading to differences in both approaches and methods, as well as the...

Ivonne M. Radjawane - Spatio-temporal variability of sea surface height anomaly along Indonesian Throughflow pathways
24 August 2017 | Seminar

Spatial temporal variability of sea surface height (SSH) anomaly at the Indonesian Throughflow (ITF) pathways was investigated through the response to semi-annual to decadal...

Bahareh Sara Howard - Modelling the Carbon Budget of the Australian Electricity Sector’s Transition to Renewable Energy
6 September 2017 | Seminar

Due to a heavy reliance on coal power and weak federal government policies for renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency, Australia is one of the highest per-capita CO2 emitters in...

Dann Mitchell - Avoided heat-related mortality under targeted Paris Agreement scenarios
17 November 2017 | Seminar

The impact of extreme heat events on human health is amongst the most concerning consequences of climate change.