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Krushna Chandra Gouda
Krushna Chandra Gouda Seminar - Multi-scale Modelling and Forecasting of Monsoon Weather and Processes
28 June 2017 | Seminar

In spite of their various deficiencies, dynamical forecast models provide a viable solution for high-resolution forecasting at different scales.

Darryn Waugh
Darryn Waugh Seminar - The impact of the ozone hole on tropospheric and ocean climate
12 July 2017 | Seminar

Dramatic decreases in Antarctic ozone (the so called ozone hole) have occurred since the late 1970s.

Craig Stevens Seminar - Observations of Mixing of Ice Shelf Water Outflows and Connections to Sea Ice
19 July 2017 | Seminar

In this talk Craig Stevens will describe recent, and upcoming, field observations of the fate of meltwater from large and small ice shelf cavities (specifically...

Mark Decker Seminar - TBA
9 August 2017 | Seminar

Join us for an exciting talk on new land model development by Dr Mark Decker.

Details TBA.