Professor Matthew England
Matthew England
ARC Laureate Fellow | Deputy Director, Climate Change Research Centre
Field of Research: 
Oceanography and Climate Dynamics
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 9766

Matthew’s main research activities reside in large-scale physical oceanography, ocean modelling, ocean-atmosphere dynamics and climate variability, with a particular focus on the Southern Hemisphere. Using ocean, atmosphere, and coupled climate models in combination with observations / theory, he studies what controls ocean currents and how these currents affect climate and climate variability on time-scales of seasons to centuries.  Particular focus areas include the circulation and variability of the Southern Ocean and its role in regional climate; global-scale water-mass formation: mechanisms, variability and stability; ENSO, the Indian Ocean Dipole and the Southern Annular Mode; and past ocean circulation states and paleoclimate modelling.

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